Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professional [Fully Funded]

Do you have aspirations of becoming a leader in your chosen field and making an impact in global sustainable development? If so, then you may be interested in the Global Professional scholarship program. This is a highly coveted and fully funded international scholarship opportunity for individuals looking to pursue their Master’s degree in Sweden.

What is the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals?

The Global Professional scholarship program, funded by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to cultivate future global leaders who will play a role in advancing the United Nations’ Agenda for Sustainable Development and driving positive change in their home countries and regions. The Swedish Institute awards roughly 350 scholarships for Master’s degree studies in Sweden.

This fully-funded scholarship provides students with a valuable chance to grow both professionally and academically, as well as experience Swedish culture and form lasting connections with Sweden and other scholarship recipients.

What the Swedish Institute Scholarship is looking for?

The Swedish International Scholarship program is looking for driven individuals who are eager to make a positive impact by tackling issues related to equitable and sustainable development in their home country and region. It is important for applicants to have a clear understanding of how studying in Sweden through this scholarship will benefit both themselves and their community.

When evaluating applicants, priority is given to those with a strong professional background, showcasing a history of leadership and relevant experience.

What is Included in this Scholarship?

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funding for a full-time master’s program lasting one or two years. Please note that the scholarship award cannot be altered, extended beyond the designated time frame, or applied to any other program other than the specified master’s program.

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What the Swedish International Scholarship offer

  • Full tuition fee: This fee is been paid directly by the SI to your Swedish university at the start of each year.
  • A monthly allowance of SEK 10,000 will cover your living expenses throughout your study period.
    Insurance against illness and accident.
  • Membership of the SI Network for the Future Global Professionals: This is a platform that will help it students grow professionally and also build a network while in Sweden.
  • Once your scholarship period has actually ended, you will automatically become a member of the Swedish Institute Alumni Network. As a member of this network, you will get the chance for continued networking and professional development. The local network actually operates worldwide and currently consists of over 15,000 talented alumni from over 140 countries.

The scholarship doesn’t cover the following:
1. Additional grants for a family member.
2. Application fee to the University Admission.

Criteria for the Swedish Institute Scholarship

  • Country of citizenship: Applicant must actually be a citizen of the country that is actually eligible for the scholarship.
  • University Admission: You must be very much liable to pay tuition fees to the Swedish Universities; the applicant must have followed the steps of the University admission to one of the eligible master’s programs.
  • Work Experience: Applicant must have obtained a minimum of about 3,000 hours if demonstrated work experience.
  • Leadership Experience: Applicants must have demonstrated leadership experience in their country of residence, or from their previous employment or from civil society engagement. They must have been in the position of leadership and must have also exhibited this leadership one way or the other.
  • Masters Program: The master’s program that the candidate is applying for must be very much eligible for the Swedish International scholarship. When it comes to this scholarship, it should be noted that priorities are usually given to the program that are within subject areas, and this depends on the candidates’ country of citizenship.
Other eligibility criteria:

Regardless of the aforementioned eligibility, a candidate is NOT eligible for the Swedish International scholarship for Global Professional if the candidate:

  • Has already resided in Sweden for a cumulative of two years or even more, prior to the scholarship period.
  • The candidate has previously been awarded a Swedish Institute scholarship for a master’s level study either for studies or research at the Swedish University College. The previous participant of the SI Summer
  • Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) and students who have also attended the SI summer courses in the Swedish Institute may actually still apply.
  • If the candidate already holds a degree from a Swedish university.
  • The candidate is currently enrolled in a study program at any of the Swedish universities.
  • Candidate has Swedish or EU/EEA citizenship.
  • Also if the candidate actually has dual citizenship that isn’t listed in the DAC list or that of the ODA recipient.
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Required Document for the Swedish International Scholarship

The Swedish scholarship only considers applications that have submitted the required documents and used the specific form provided by the Swedish Institute. It is important to note that the application must be completed in English. Any incomplete or non-English applications will not be considered further.
The complete application will consist of the following;

  • CV
  • Letter of reference
  • A valid and completed proof of both work and leadership experience.
  • Note that, if any of the aforementioned lists are not in your application, then your application will be disqualified.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Applicants are encouraged to use the Swedish Institute’s designated form for their CV and limit it to a maximum of three pages. It is the responsibility of the candidate to carefully choose which past experiences to include in their application, as additional pages beyond the three-page limit will not be taken into consideration during the evaluation process.

Letter of Reference

Applicants are encouraged to use the Swedish Institute form for their letter of recommendation. All the letters should be signed by the person giving the recommendation and bear either the official stamp of their organization or that of a notary office.

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