Top 9 Immigrant Jobs in the US

According to a recent report by Indeed, immigrants fill a sizable number of jobs across the United States, especially in Texas.

Popular jobs that hire immigrants include medical, software engineering, computer science, driving and more.

New businesses are established in the U.S. almost every day, providing skilled and unskilled jobs that only U.S. citizens cannot fill.

In addition to working as an immigrant in the United States, you can also apply from your home country. Although this step can be quite difficult for immigrants to find work in the United States.

So to successfully land a job, you have to be well prepared, do enough insight and research to understand the requirements and training or certifications needed for the job you are considering applying for and make your resume as it sells as powerfully as its intended use at a glance.

There are various job sites where you can start your job hunting like Indeed, glassdoor, monster, CareerBuilder and many more.

Health Care Assistants

Some of the top jobs you can get as an immigrant are listed and briefly summarized below;

The U.S. medical and life sciences industry favours foreign professionals for several reasons, including their experience in the medical field, their knowledge of English, and their cultural adoption and assimilation. Therefore, the demand and salary that comes with the job are quite high.

Truck Driver

Driving in the United States is one of the most lucrative jobs in the United States. Pass your driving test, get your driver’s license and Google Maps to navigate your way, and you’re on your way to a handsome paycheck.

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Another great thing about truck driving is that it’s a career that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. Regardless of your educational background, there are a few different job opportunities with a doctor.


While not an easy task, it is very useful. The profession of teachers requires a lot of diligence, patience and tenacity in their work. Immigrants whose official language is in their home country leverage the advantage and teach English in the USA.

Sales – Business Development

A bachelor’s degree may not be required for this job, as long as you are a good salesman. It can also be done as a freelancer, allowing you to work on multiple deals. Provide solutions to the business difficulties your clients’ businesses face and provide positive feedback so that the business you represent thrives.

Software Engineers / Tech Jobs

Due to the rapid growth of the US IT industry, there is an increasing demand for software engineers. Fortunately for these engineers, they can work full-time while still working as many part-time jobs as possible to earn more money. This job is very lucrative in the US and involves the design, development, evaluation, and maintenance of software, applications, and more.

Administrative Positions

Immigrants in the United States have easy access to administrative jobs. Immigrants are very good at this professional role, as official organizations hold positions such as bank clerks, accountants, secretaries, and receptionists.

Security Personnel

Security work is the most common job for new immigrants. With the high level of insecurity America faces today due to mass shootings, the need for security personnel has increased by 100%.

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Immigrants are required to undergo rigorous weapons handling and surveillance training before being fully employed as security guards. Salaries are high in the US.
This is another career that doesn’t care about your education, but rather an annual certification. The job pays really well.

Customer Service

Coping with stress and being productive at work is one of the qualities immigrants are known for. Therefore, customer service jobs are one of the cheap jobs that immigrants can do in the United States.

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